about us


New Partners is a Washington D.C. based political and corporate consulting firm.

In just over five years, New Partners has serviced over 360 clients, including Google, The NFL, The Oscars, Obama for America, The Miami Dolphins, The National Conference of State Legislatures, and the Democratic National Conventions in Philadelphia, Denver, and Charlotte.

We have more than 160 staff members and offices in Los Angeles, Denver, Philadelphia, Seattle, Minneapolis, and our headquarters in Washington D.C.

{new} partners’ results

Members of our team were instrumental in executing these victories:

  • Barack Obama’s historic Iowa caucus win, which launched his national campaign
  • Barack Obama’s groundbreaking national grassroots strategy and organization from the primaries through the general election
  • Howard Dean’s landmark “Fifty State Strategy” for the Democratic National Committee
  • The campaign that defeated George W. Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security
  • The development effort for Bono’s ONE Campaign against poverty
  • The elections of dozens of United States Senators, members of Congress and governors
  • The passage of key legislation ranging from budget appropriations to children’s health care